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Can I make a reservation online?
We do take reservation requests online. Each reservation is placed according to your specific needs and our site availability. Additionally, since all of our sites vary to such a great degree in terms of size, topography and location, we have to take time to review your reservation request to make certain we find the right site(s) for you. Once we find some options, we'll contact you either by e-mail or phone. Please note: Reservations may be made for any number of nights. However, waterfront/waterview sites are only reserved for one week blocks of time (Saturday to Saturday) in July and August.

How many people and cars do you allow per site?
We allow one car per site. If you absolutely must bring a second vehicle, you may park it at our office lot. The "number-of-people-allowed" question is a tricky one to answer clearly and succinctly. Please contact us if your party is larger than 2 adults and 2 or 3 children and we will advise you whether your party needs one or more sites.

You must call us if your plans change and you intend to bring more people than you originally reserved for. We have strict site occupancy limitations and we may or may not be able to accommodate your request.

Do you allow dogs?
On any given year, we do not allow dogs starting the Saturday on or before July 2 until Friday morning of Labor Day weekend. We certainly do allow dogs when the season is quieter during the months of May, June, September and October.

What are tent platforms?
Tent platforms are wooden decks that you place your tent on as opposed to traditional ground sites. In order to maintain as natural a setting as possible, we opted to use these decks rather than using fill to make a large, level area on some of the sites. The platform keeps your tent drier even when it does not rain since it allows for good air circulation under your tent. Almost all of the platforms are 12’X16’, a few of the small sites have 12’X12’ platforms. Some of the new multiple room tents are too long to fit on the platforms so make sure your tent will fit. Please note that we still have plenty of level sites for those who prefer to tent on the ground or for pop-up's.

How do I “stake” my tent to a platform?
We provide you with a bundle of nails to use in place of stakes. You simply drive nails into the platform where your stakes would normally go and bend the nails over so they become hooks for the stake rings on your tent.

What do you rent for canoes, kayaks & paddle boards?
We rent Old Town Discovery 174 canoes and a mixture of single and two person kayaks such as Perception Keowee/Keowee 2's and Old Town Loons. We only rent makes of kayaks that are very stable and maneuverable. NEW! We now offer stand-up paddle boards.

Can I take the rentals off premises?
No. For your safety, the rentals remain for use here at the campground for registered guests only.

Can I bring my own canoe or kayak?
Yes, you may bring your own personal canoe or kayak but we limit the amount of canoes/kayaks that may be tied to the floats to one per family.
No larger watercraft or any form of motorboat are to be tied to the floats.

Do you offer Internet access?
Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi at the Gathering Place on the grounds.

Do you have cell/data service?
Yes, a tower was constructed in Somesville recently.

Does the free Island Explorer bus stop right at the campground?
Yes, it does!

Do you have any job openings?
Click here for employment opportunities at Mount Desert Campground.

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